Episode 29

Published on:

8th Oct 2020

Speaking Up, with Harvey Austin

In our interview with creative executive, Harvey Austin, he reminds of all the times we could've spoke up ... but we didn't.

Did someone make a racist comment in a meeting? Did a job candidate not get a fair opportunity because of race? Did you see a colleague's performance unfairly evaluated?

Harvey shares why it's so important to address these injustices in the corporate workplace.

We promised real conversations about real experiences. And Harvey offers tangible ideas that can lead to real change. 

Join the conversation with Harvey with your hosts, Kirstin Gooldy and Mark Stinson. 


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Entelechy Leadership Stories
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A series of unique interviews with successful people in many fields. Leaders who are innovating, building, and guiding organizations, with a higher vision and how they put their values into practice to achieve the full potential, of themselves and their organizations.

Co-hosts for Entelechy Leadership Stories are Kirstin Gooldy and Mark Stinson

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Mark Stinson has earned the reputation as a “brand innovator” -- an experienced marketer, persuasive writer, dynamic presenter, and skilled facilitator. His work includes brand strategy and creative workshops. He has contributed to the launches of more than 150 brands, with a focus on health, science, and technology companies. Mark has worked with clients ranging from global corporations to entrepreneurial start-ups. He is a recipient of the Brand Leadership Award from the Asia Brand Congress and was included in the PharmaVoice 100 Most Inspiring People in the Life-Sciences Industry.