Episode 44

Published on:

14th Jan 2021

Spiritual Entrepreneurs, with Phil Pelucha

Another great episode. Today with Phil Pelucha CEO and Founder of Billionaires in Boxers, School of Spiritual Entrepreneurs and also a business coach with his spirituality VERY closely connected.

Phil, a top 100 podcaster himself, Billionaires in Boxers guides clients to achieve influencer status in their niche by finding a voice, a stage, and building authority. In fact, his work is all about working from your essence, fall in love with your business and life, and work from the language of the heart with integrity.  He has an inspiring commitment to empower 1 billion entrepreneurs by empowering those that empower others. A key he shares with us “fun”, he must have fun at what he is doing.

Phil has been practicing transcendental meditation since he was 11 ("Thankfully I was raised by a VERY spiritually connected grandmother," he says). His grandmother encouraged him to continue to go deeper with everything and always question why, knowledge is power. Always have the hunger to question why. She had a commitment to self-improvement and knowledge and imparted her wisdom unto Phil.

Phil shares that you begin living the way you want to live now, live and experience the feeling of your success and the success will follow the essence and the feeling you cultivate. Target the feeling of the destination and take actions now as if you were at that destination. The universe is a mirror, it mirrors back to you the vibration and energy you are putting out. Your vibe is your tribe.

To learn more or listen to Billionaires in Boxers podcast:

Billionaires in Boxers podcast: https://lnns.co/ZxrGyh3e68R

https://billionairesinboxers.com/ - Voted one of Business of Apps Top Influencer Marketing Companies of 2020

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/philippelucha

Twitter: @PhilPelucha


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