Episode 18

Published on:

13th Aug 2020

Your Personal Truth, with BE Alink

BE Alink is the inventor of the Alinker, vehicle for social change and manifestation of a “Reverse-Design” way of approaching the world.

On this episode, you hear why BE is a paradigm-shifter and edge-walker.

BE has gained appreciation of the power of community as a result of work in Afghanistan, Kenya, the Sudan, Ethiopia, Kosovo, and Indonesia. The common theme behind BE's work is connecting people with each other by creating meaningful social contexts through which people can actively engage based on who we are as humans. Based on who we chose to be.

Community is built into every customer experience with The Alinker Ltd., a certified BCorp that lives and breathes the values of equality and inclusion which are converted into a revolutionary business proposition.

BE also founded the Alinker Family Farm, which promotes a healthy life by building community for people who are isolated and dismissed because of disability, making activity possible with Alinkers and engaging in conversations about the food we eat, growing the food we eat, building a community by us, for us.

Learn more at https://www.thealinker.com/ 

We also hear from BE about the impact of the organization SheEO. Learn more about its Radical Generosity at https://sheeo.world/

Connect with BE on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/be-barbara-alink-b8804255/


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